Star Wars

Rian Johnson Has the Perfect Explanation for Why Luke Used His Blue Lightsaber in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi

[SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi]

Everyone, and I mean everyone, walked away with many burning questions after a viewing or two or three of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Questions about Rey, questions about Kylo Ren, questions about the Resistance, First Order, Leia, the Force were all brought to our attention and more, and that’s all thanks to director Rian Johnson.

One of those hair-pulling questions revolved around Luke and the choice to have the legendary Jedi use his original blue lightsaber in his final duel with his nephew Kylo Ren, rather than his more popular green one from Return of the Jedi. If you’re paying close enough attention, the answer is right there, but if not, Johnson is here to explain it to you. In a recent interview with IGN, Johnson reveals the following about the climactic scene:

“[Luke] is basically tailoring this projection to have maximum effect on Kylo. He knows that Kylo’s Achilles heel is his rage, and so that’s why he kind of makes himself look younger, the way Kylo would’ve last seen him in their confrontation at the temple,  and that’s why he decided to bring Kylo’s grandfather’s lightsaber down there — the lightsaber that Kylo screamed at Rey, ‘that’s mine, that belongs to me.”

But what about Kylo? He was just with Rey, ripping the lightsaber apart using the force in Snoke’s throne room. Wouldn’t he have been tipped off by the blue saber that Luke wasn’t in fact there? Well, Johnson has another brilliant explanation for, saying: “The truth is, we see the lightsaber split in half — Kylo sees a blinding flash of light and is knocked unconscious, and then Rey takes the lightsaber away before he wakes up.”

Whether you’re like me and completely understanding Johnson’s explanation or shaking your head and not believing him, it does make total sense. His first set of comments speak for themselves. Wouldn’t you want to prepare yourself the way your opponent, or in the case nephew, will be angered by the most? As for his second response, if you do watch the film, both Kylo and Rey are thrown rather quickly from the saber, where a big flashing light does surround the saber, ultimately circling the eventual splitting of it.

This is the great thing about The Last Jedi. Not only does something new and exciting pop-up every time you watch it, but those new aspects are layered to the deepest of levels. I understand why that may frustrate or not attract people, but for myself personally, it’s why I continue to be thrilled more and more by the film after each viewing.

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