Standalone ‘Black Widow’ Movie FINALLY Moving Forward at Marvel!

It’s time to rejoice! Variety broke the news this evening that Marvel Studios has put the keys in the ignition for the long, long-awaited Black Widow standalone movie. As reported, Jac Shaffer has been brought on board to write, at least, the first draft of the script. As Variety makes note of, the film is in very early development, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a guarantee to happen. Either way, comic book fans and fans of the MCU in general should be breathing a heavy sigh of relief tonight as a standalone adventure for the original female Avenger is finally in sight.

Shaffer was one of many writers that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige met with for the project, who was then picked after Scarlett Johansson herself was consulted on the specifics of what they wanted from the writer who landed the job. It seems like this film has always been on the horizon, ever since the characters introduction into the MCU in Iron Man 2. Even Feige himself has always insisted that he’d love to see the film become reality. That now may actually be the case.

Shaffer is an unknown name to most, as her major credits come from titles like TiMER and The Shower. She’s also responsible for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which was pulled from in front of Coco after a short week, as well as penning the script for MGM’s female reboot of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, titled Nasty Women.

From the moment she graced us with her presence in 2010, Johansson has become a piece of the backbone for Marvel’s larger universe. The popularity of the super-assassin turned superhero has probably even shocked Marvel, as she’s become a mainstay in both the Avengers franchise, as well as an integral piece to the stories of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Over the last few years, Marvel has slowly been putting their own spin on various genres (Ant-Man being a heist comedy or Captain America: The Winter Soldier being a 1970s political thriller). With Black Widow now being one their most attractive, versatile and just all-around terrific characters, it not only gives them a chance to fulfill fans dreams, but put their stamp on the spy genre as well.

Even if it’s in the early stages, this is absolutely thrilling news. Marvel fans have been craving this project for years, and now knowing that the movie is at least taking steps forward, it should makes a lot of fans happy moving forward. Not to mention that it once again allows for a total badass Marvel character to shine, exploring another new side of the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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