Star Wars

Leaked Images from LEGO Toys Show ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ First Look

Potential Spoilers Ahead

If your like me by now your wondering what the heck is going on with Solo: A Star Wars Story. We haven’t gotten a trailer, no official images, or pretty much anything for the matter. But as the release date keeps creeping up closer and closer, little bits of information keep coming out. This time in the form of Lego’s. While Lego is notorious for getting their toys leaked before the film, the upcoming Star Wars movie seems to be no different. Now we must warn you, while they are not official images they do seem pretty legit and can potentially lead to spoilers so be fair warned before proceeding!


From this we see the main cast of Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando as well as new comer “Qi’Ra” who will be played by actress Emilia Clarke.


This shows us the Millennium Falcon and as you see it has a different look from the classic Millennium Falcon. In Star Wars: A New Hope, Han Solo says “I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself”. Could this be what he was referring too?


From this we see some sort of Imperial speeder as well as a Tie- Fighter leading us to believe the Empire will be a factor in this movie.


Continuing with an Imperial presence we see a new form of Stormtrooper named a Mimban Stormtrooper, possibly referring to a planet specific trooper. we also see Han Solo and actor Woody Harrelson’s character Tobias Beckett, dressed up in what looks to be Imperial outfits maybe leading to an undercover mission.


The final three images seem to be taken from a part of the movie where Han Solo and¬†Qi’Ra find themselves on the planet Corellia in what could potentially be some sort of escape. The bottom image shows two unfamiliar characters named Moloch and Rebolt as well as a pair of Corellian Hounds.

So what do you guys think of all the leaked images? For me this has gotten me a little bit more excited for the movie now that I at least have seen something to represent it. Lets have a discussion in the comments below!

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