‘Creed’ Sequel Finally Has a Director, Not Named Stallone

A couple weeks ago it was nearly confirmed that Sylvester Stallone would be taking over the helm of Creed 2 from director Ryan Coogler. It made sense, as Stallone has been involved in the franchise from the beginning, even directing a few installments. But today brought the news that that’s not actually the case, as a new name has been confirmed to have landed the gig.

Adonis Creed himself – Michael B. Jordan – has revealed that The Land director Steven Caple Jr. has been given the reigns of the highly anticipated sequel. Jordan took to Twitter to announce the news, where he makes sure to let everyone know that the film and choice for director has gotten the blessing of Ryan Coogler, who is currently finishing up the stages of post-production on Marvel’s next comic book monster Black Panther.

I’ve never experienced any of Caple Jr.’s work, but anyone who gets a blessing from someone like Coogler, I’m in. The only hesitancy I have at this point is the addition of Drago and his son, as that could make the film feel like too much of a rehash. What made Creed so damn great was it’s ability to not only have the same feel of the original film, but be something completely different at the same time. Hopefully Creed II is able to accomplish the same thing. Creed II is set for release on November 18th, 2018.

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