Bryan Singer Has Been Fired as Director from Queen Biopic ‘Bohemiam Rhapsody’

Last week is was reported by multiple outlets that X-Men director Bryan Singer has been absent from the set of his latest film, Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. At the time, it was unclear what was happening, although a representative for Singer came out and stated that it stemmed from a “personal health matter.” After some digging, it’s not been revealed that the issue was bigger than first though, as Singer has officially been fired from the film.

Production on the film got underway back in September, but as last week revealed, production was suddenly put to a halt because of Singer’s absence. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, filming stopped due to Singer not returning to the set following a Thanksgiving break. But this wasn’t just a one time thing, as THR’s new report adds a few more details to the story.

According to THR, Singer failed to show up for production multiple times, which left producers worried about the films future. In addition, Singer had apparently been warned multiple times by the studio regarding unprofessional behavior, which apparently wasn’t heard very well as the director constantly clashed with star Rami Malek, who then went to the studio about Singer’s unprofessionalism. THR says that no confrontation led to any kind of physicality, but one instance did end up with Singer throwing an object in frustration.

This pretty unfortunate news. No matter the case or name, when things get this bad (according to the report), changes need to be made. Singer has been a very reliable name in Hollywood for a long time. From his directorial debut in The Usual Suspects to his constant work on the X-Men franchise, Singer’s work speaks for itself. Sadly, that’s not the whole story. THR stated in their original exclusive that this isn’t the first time this has happened, as Superman Returns and X-Men: Apocalypse were also plagued with Singer’s absence at times.

Hopefully nothing serious is going on with Singer himself, as I have always enjoyed looking forward to his films. As I stated earlier, no matter who it is or what’s exactly going on, when things escalate to this magnitude on set, changes need to happen. It’s just unfortunate that it had to go down like this. It’s expected a new director will be announced shortly as there is only two weeks of shooting left. Bohemian Rhapsody is still slated for a December 25th, 2018 release date.

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