‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Marvel’s Heroes Unite for Epic Vanity Fair Cover Spread

There’s no other way of putting it, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been completely epic to this point. It has its flaws and missteps, as every film or universe does, but the overall success Marvel Studios has been able to accomplish is a feat that no one else can claim. From the moment Jon Favreau’s Iron Man opened nearly 10 years ago with an above perfect casting in Robert Downey Jr., every move has been calculated and checked twice to the slightest of degrees, with the current result being 22 movies in and never better.

We’ve never see anything like the MCU before. We’ve seen franchises go for years or franchises be huge hits with audiences, but we’ve never seen a complete combination of it all. Marvel Studios has been able to intertwine characters and stories that have taken place over years and across the galaxy, with it sometimes feeling like it’s just flat-out easy. Through 10 years and 22 movies (and counting), the official 10th Anniversary in 2018 will bring the entire universe together in Avengers: Infinity War.

SDCC this summer brought the house down for those thousands of lucky fans in attendance, as Marvel debuted the first footage for Infinity War in Hall H. Now sadly, it’s been 4 months since that day and yet, we still have no official teaser for the movie. The fanboy in me has been screaming for weeks, as it almost feels like a tease. But of course, when that’s out of the system and logical thinking kicks in, it makes sense as to why Marvel is waiting to drop it to the public. But thanks to Vanity Fair and a cryptic post from the films directors, that could be changing in just a short few days.

Vanity Fair dropped their official cover story for their upcoming holiday issue, and luckily for us fans who are watering at the mouth for anything Marvel, especially after the brilliant Thor: Ragnarok, it reveals our first official look at anything Infinity War, and it’s a freaking doozy. We’ve known for quite some time just how many fabulous people and characters are involved in the biggest comic book movie of all-time, but now we get to physically see it. The eventual trailer will give a much better idea as to how the film will work with dozens of deserving characters, but these new VF covers and images tease us with just how flipping amazing it’s going to be to see all these characters on screen and interacting with each other.

I’m truly in awe. It’s not in actual footage or can even be argued that not in the actual context of the film (Thor’s hammer and more? More on that later), but it’s the actual of idea of seeing this happening. An evolved Black Widow standing next to Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie or Baby Groot, Drax and Hank Pym in the same frame. Is this real life? Whether or not a trailer arrives this week, these first look images are just a beautiful reminder that this film is coming and coming fast.

Now the question becomes when we’ll see that glorious teaser that was talked about so much this summer? Well one can argue that these images are an ice breaker for what’s to come later this week, others can point their finger directly at Joe and Anthony Russo’s latest instagram post, which consists of an animated number three, possibly beginning a countdown to a trailer drop this Thursday? Hmm.

Take a long hard look at all the images and remember, keep an eye out here on Apocaflix! Movies for our reaction and breakdown of what promises to be a fantastic teaser trailer. Don’t forget to check out the Russo’s mysteries post and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. First off, what do you think of the images and seeing all these characters together? Which combination photo is your favorite and which duo are you excited to see? When do you think we’ll see the first trailer? Sound off!

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