First ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Drops Tomorrow; See the Teaser Poster Now!

In case you’ve, for some reason, been staying off the internet this week, the official marketing campaign for the highly anticipatedĀ Avengers: Infinity War has begun. In just two days we’ve gotten more than we have in the past couple months, as yesterday brought epic covers and a beautiful photoshoot spread from Vanity Fair. Today, we got the best new we could possibly get, as the first official trailer for the film will be released tomorrow! REJOICE.

Marvel announced the news by revealing a pretty heartfelt trailer tease that’s fully dedicated to the fans and the continuous devotion that fans have showed through a decade a interconnected films. It’s pretty phenomenal. And as one who does trailer reactions for Apocaflix to all their trailers, I enjoy being a part of it over and over again, even though I wasn’t featured in the actual footage. (COME ON).

Anyway, along with the announcement of the trailer coming tomorrow, the first teaser poster has been revealed as well. As expected, it stays in line with the others that have come before forĀ Avengers films, featuring the classic A just with a different kind of color scheme. What’s cool about this poster is how it was first revealed, which came from none other than Spider-Man himself. Tom Holland took to his Instagram story for an “unboxing” and it just so happened to be the poster. With Marvel kicking off the promo period for this film this week and the fact that it involves so many characters played by so may big names, expect to see Marvel taking advantage of that and using everyone in some aspect of the marketing.

Check out the trailer tease and poster unboxing video below, and please head down to the comments to leave your thoughts! What do you think? How excited are you? Are you losing your mind like I am? Also, don’t forget to come back tomorrow as we’ll be talking about the trailer here on Apocaflix! as soon as we possibly can!

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