Luke Skywalker Can Do What with His Force Powers?

The real power of Luke Skywalker has been debated and speculated for decades. While he was unable to match Yoda’s ability to lift a X-Wing out of thick swampy water on Dagobah, his force power rapidly progressed through the original trilogy. But with the gap of 30 plus years taking place since we last saw him and how fast his power grew, it’s led many to believe that he is the most powerful force user to ever live.

Outside of the movies, books have done a damn good job of describing Luke’s abilities over the years, but unfortunately those are now considered “Legend” and were not deemed canon nee Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm. Luckily Disney never vowed to stop the novel side of the franchise, with dozens of books focusing on a well-rounded number of characters and time eras over the past few years. But outside of the original Star Wars comic run currently going, Luke has made no appearances, until now that is.

With Luke’s past being one of the many mysteries Disney and Lucasfilm are trying very hard to keep secret, it makes sense as to why he hasn’t showed up in anything canon as of yet. But with Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters next month, the curtain may finally begin to being pulled back ever so slightly. The upcoming novel The Legends of Luke Skywalker, by Ken Liu, will be arriving soon and in an excerpt revealed by We’ve Got This Covered, it’s finally revealed just how powerful Luke has become following the events of Return of the Jedi:

“The bridge went dark. The overhead lights, the view screens, the blinking lights on the banks of consoles. Even the emergency lighting strips on the floor. All around us was the darkness of space…I saw that the bridge windows were rapidly filling with expanding columns of energy… A jolt, as if the entire Star Destroyer had been picked up by a giant hand and slammed against the ground. The ship slowed, drifted, stopped and then the stark lifeless surface of Jakku swung into view, filling the windows, and we fell, we fell.”

A freaking Star Destroyer?! Wow. I think he may have finally passed Master Yoda’s test. It is worth noting that the novel is described as being a series of “tall tales,” with the official synopsis going as follows:

“As a cargo ship rockets across the galaxy to Canto Bight, the deckhands on board trade stories about legendary JediKnight Luke Skywalker. But are the stories of iconic and mysterious Luke Skywalker true, or merely tall tales passed from one corner of the galaxy to another? Is Skywalker really a famous Jedi hero, an elaborate charlatan, or even part droid? The deckhands will have to decide for themselves when they hear The Legends of Luke Skywalker.”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, a “tall tale” means that the story couldn’t be true, but even the idea of it being thrown around the galaxy is amazing! But with the book being canon, and if true, this tale could have some major implications on what we’ll see in The Last Jedi. Now I’m not too sure we’ll see something of this proportion on film as it kind of makes him too powerful for his own and anyone else’s good. Whether it’s true or not, the Legend of Luke Skywalker seems to be a big part of this new era of Star Wars.

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