Watch Ben Affleck Cautiously Talk About Continuing as Batman

For months we’ve been wondering what the future holds for Ben Affleck’s Batman. Will he continue to wear the cape and cowl or won’t he? Is Matt Reeve’s standalone trilogy about a younger Batman or is Affleck involved? It’s been debated about so much that quite frankly, I’m tired of talking about it. But because everyone in the world loves any kind of juicy news regarding their superheroes, I can’t help but give the people what they want.

The Justice League crew has been damn busy over the last few weeks overseas, promoting the hell out of the DCEU’s latest entry. And while in an interview with ExtraTV, Affleck is asked yet another question about his future with the Caped Crusader, where he answers in quite possibly the most unenthusiastic way ever: “I don’t know about that, we’ll see what the future holds.” You can watch the full piece below, where Affleck’s comments follow the always charismatic Jason Momoa talking about how he wants to host an episode of SNL.

I would completely understand Affleck’s body language as he’s constantly been asked about his future in the DCEU. Honestly, I would probably walk about at this point. And it’s obvious that Affleck will, at some point in time, leave the character of Batman behind, but this feels different. Affleck’s body language or response isn’t just a guy who is tired of answering the question, it damn well seems like he had a hard time answering it because he legitimately doesn’t know.

I’ve gone back-and-forth between multiple possibilities and scenarios when it comes to Batfleck, and I’ve finally come to realize, or rather believe that Affleck will officially be done with the Dark Knight once Justice League finishes its run in theaters. Not only do I think Affleck is sort of fed up and disappointed with how WB and DC have operated when it comes to these properties, but I also think WB is going to try everything in their power to wash away the bad taste in many fans mouthes, which means a fresh start for many aspects of the DCEU.

In my opinion, Affleck is the best Batman we’ve ever gotten, but sadly, I think part of the “washing away” will fall in the lap of The Flash standalone movie, now officially titled Flashpoint. And if you know the Flashpoint story, you know that Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman, his father Thomas Wayne is. And in the DCEU, Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays Thomas Wayne, which could give WB and DC a near perfect outing/reason to change directions after all the nonsense that has happened over the last year.

What do you think? Could Justice League be the final time we see the Batfleck? Is his exit inevitable? Would you be okay with a Thomas Wayne Batman or would you want to see someone replace Affleck in the continuity? Sound off below in the comments!

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