Did We Get a Potential ‘Justice League’ Spoiler from a TV Poster?

*Be fair warned, this may contain a spoiler!*

For a while now people have been asking the question, will there be a Green Lantern or Lantern’s in the upcoming Justice League movie? We already know that there is a plan for a film titled Green Lantern Corps, that will be set in the DCEU and feature a team up of two green lanterns, probably Hal Jordan and John Stewart. What we don’t know is when we will get our first appearance from a Lantern will come.

A lot of speculation is that one will be showing up in the Justice League movie set for release next month. Some people even believe that in the trailer that Alfred may even be talking to a Lantern. Well the speculation of whether or not we will be seeing a Green Lantern in Justice League just got a big boost.

Today a poster for an upcoming superhero themed episode of The Big Bang Theory waspasted image 0 released with many wondering if it spoiled the secret of a Green Lantern in JusticeLeague. The poster is an officially licensed Justice League tie-in poster making many believe that the poster is showing a presence of a Green Lantern. As you can see on the wheel in the background, they have logos for Batman, Superman, The Flash, and a new logo for Green Lantern.

So what do you guys think? Did this basically confirm a Justice League appearance from the Green Lanterns? Or is this just a spin for the tv show and not anything important. Let us know in the comments below!

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