Sylvester Stallone Will Direct ‘Creed II’

Sorry Ryan Coogler fans, it seems that the Black Panther director will not be behind the camera for the sequel of the phenomenal Rocky spinoff. Coogler’s Creed reinvigorated the Rocky franchise with a new face both in front of and behind the camera, while continuing the inspiration the original movies had for so long. Now, it seems like more of the beloved inspiration will be brought to Creed II as Sly Stallone has revealed that he will be in charge of directing duties for this round.

Stallone took to his instagram Monday night, posting the following caption with a photo of him star Michael B. Jordan:

“Looking forward to directing and Producing The incredibly talented Michael B Jordan in CREED 2 next year … One more Round ! #creed2 #mgm #fighting #workout #exercise #boxing”

Before a handful of weeks ago, everything on the Creed front has been pretty damn quiet since the films Oscar push a few years ago. Recently, word has been rumbling that the sequel could see the return of Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago, continuing the mirroring of the first movie.

Fans of the franchise, and especially the first movie, were basically begging and pleading to have Coogler back to direct (as did I), but because the director is quite busy with a little movie called Black Panther and probably wanting to move on to something different for his next go around, it makes sense for the studio to want to move forward with the project as soon as possible. But it does beg the question, why isn’t Coogler returning? Both him and Jordan are part of Black Panther, if Jordan is back wouldn’t that leave open Coogler as well? Sounds like we could be hearing of another Coogler project once Black Panther is out and the press tour is over. Once can hope anyway.

Now if you’re wondering about Stallone directing, have no worries, he’s been working behind the camera for decades, and not on just any projects. After being nominated for writing the first Rocky, he took over directing duties on all the sequels that followed, basically making him the Kevin Feige of the Rocky universe. While I personally would’ve thanked the heavens to hear Coogler returning, I’m open to Stallone taking over. I loved what Coogler did with the story and character, taking the franchise in a completely different direction and creating some very interesting threads moving forward. Hopefully Stallone is able to build off of what Coogler did and not create something that feels too similar to past entries.

What is interesting is that according to his caption, this will be his final time entering the ring of Rocky, as he says “One more round !” Does he mean just as director or as a whole? ROCKY ISN’T GOING TO DIE IS HE? Hopefully the fight goes the way we want it to. What do you think? First of all, are you looking forward to another Creed? How about Stallone directing? Is he the right choice? Creed II currently has no release date.

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