My Name Is Keith Barnes & I’m Excited to Be Joining the Apocaflix! Movies Team

Hello my friends! My name is Keith Barnes and I am one of the new guys to join Apocaflix! Movies. If you’ve been following the guys and all the awesomeness they been giving you here on the website, the Facebook page, or the YouTube channel, you may have seen me on a few videos on said channel already. Well now I am going to give you something you don’t see very often on the internet. A TOP TEN LIST! This is a list of my ten most personally influential films, pooled from a list of fifty, yes FIFTY of my favorite films of all time. After agonizing for a few days over which to add and which to leave off, I think the ten movies I chose for this list are the ones that the people who know me well enough will say, “Yeah that’s definitely Keith”, and those who don’t know me yet will get a better idea, which is, of course, the point of the list.

First a super quick bio, I’m 38, I grew up a Navy kid in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and of obviously I am a massive movie fan of all eras. I moved to Sacramento in 2003 to go to film school, and actually managed to do it about 11 years later. I’ll go into that at another time, this is about my list. As I said before these came from a larger list of fifty, and frankly I could take any ten from that list and call it my “best of all time”, but I don’t like ranking things like this. There are too many to rank and it would be an ever evolving list. On any given day, my favorite movie ever could be virtually any on my list of fifty. However the ten I chose should help best describe who I am as a film fanatic, as well as give you an idea of what has most influenced my taste as a kid growing up in the blockbuster era of the 80’s and 90’s.

Anyway here it is. I hope you all get a kick out of it. Eventually I’ll share the larger list. Perhaps I’ll make a video or something.  Until then, here are my ten most personally influential films:



Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Top Gun

The Matrix

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Jackie Brown


Back to the Future

The Empire Strikes Back

The Usual Suspects

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