Fox Orders a ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie for 2020


Fox has decided that they are going to take their hit TV show from the little screen to the big screen when they announced today that they will be making a movie based of the Bob’s Burgers TV show scheduled for 2020. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the series follows the lives, chaos, and misadventures of the Belcher family and their friends and rivals.

Bob is a local burger chef in a small seaside town and is married to his wife Linda, who is as unique as she is a loving mother. Together they have three kids Tina, the boy obsessed, self conscious oldest daughter, Gene, the aspiring musician who has a taste for the weirder things in life, and their youngest daughter Louise, the power obsessed and hilariously mischievous troublemaker. Together they go through the the daily struggles of life while trying to run their family restaurant.


Personally I am beyond excited for this. I am a huge fan of Bob’s Burgers as well as my sisters and I couldn’t be more happy with this announcement. I never thought that this show would get to a level of status where they would make a movie but with its recent Emmy Award win for Best Animated Series, the show is only picking up steam and as someone who has seen every episode, I couldn’t be more excited!

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