‘Tomb Raider’ Featurette Shows How Alicia Vikander Excelled as Lara Croft on Set

Not too long ago we received our first look – thanks to its first trailer – at the new Tomb Raider film. It was received pretty well by fans everywhere, with most praising how close the tone looked and felt to the blueprint of video games it’s based off of. For myself, I felt like one thing wasn’t talked about as much as it should’ve been: Alicia Vikander as the legendary Lara Croft.

This new featurette that I’ve posted below was actually released alongside the trailer a few weeks back, but because of the hype revolving around the trailer, it kind of went unnoticed. The footage itself is a compilation of the footage we’ve saw in the trailer, as well as how it was all shot behind-the-scenes. But the purpose of the bts video is to let fans know how absolutely perfect Vikander is for the role. Not just because of her look or how high caliber of an actress she is, but because of her personal love for the character and the drive she has on set. The video displays, more times than one, how hard of a worker she is. She’s willing to get down and dirty for the role to make the film the best it can possibly be, that’s what you want from someone playing this type of character. I really enjoyed the first trailer, but I actually prefer this featurette over its first look.

Check out the new featurette below and after doing so, let me know what you think of it. Did getting a bts look change your mind? Did you like the trailer? How about Vikander in the role? Roar Uthaug’s Tomb Raider has a March 18th, 2018 release date and also stars Walter Goggins, Daniel Wu and Dominic West.

Lara Croft is the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished when she was scarcely a teen. Now a young woman of 21 without any real focus or purpose, Lara navigates the chaotic streets of trendy East London as a bike courier, barely making the rent, and takes college courses, rarely making it to class. Determined to forge her own path, she refuses to take the reins of her father’s global empire just as staunchly as she rejects the idea that he’s truly gone. Advised to face the facts and move forward after seven years without him, even Lara can’t understand what drives her to finally solve the puzzle of his mysterious death.

Going explicitly against his final wishes, she leaves everything she knows behind in search of her dad’s last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan. But her mission will not be an easy one; just reaching the island will be extremely treacherous. Suddenly, the stakes couldn’t be higher for Lara, who—against the odds and armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith and inherently stubborn spirit—must learn to push herself beyond her limits as she journeys into the unknown. If she survives this perilous adventure, it could be the making of her, earning her the name tomb raider.

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