‘Wonder Woman’ Honest Trailer: Woohoo! Progress!

Wonder Woman isn’t just the DCEU superhero movie we’ve been waiting for, it’s the one we deserve. While I acknowledge the flaws it has (more than most for myself), I also acknowledge how groundbreaking it was. Director Patty Jenkins did something unthinkable, subsequently washing away all the doubt fans and movie-goers alike had for the DCEU and its future (most anyway).

It still ranks as one of this year’s best, and will continue to until we hit 2018. In my opinion, there’s no film that can knock it off its pedestal at this point, which is a very high achievement. But with being such a monumental film, that gives Screen Junkies the opportunity to run their honest trailer streaks all over it, and that means positively, negatively, and even controversially. If you love the film and will until your dying breathe, watch the trailer below very cautiously. If you’ve questioned your feelings for the movie, then the trailer may actually have you figuring out which side of the opinion you’re aligned with. Either way, it’s one of Screen Junkies better trailers, just as the movie was one of DC’s better.

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