‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Will Have a Surprising Emotional Factor; Watch 5 New TV Spots

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has quite a tall wall to scale come next week. Not only does it have to top the action, thrills and fun factor of the first film, but the emotional punch as well. The Secret Service did have its emotional pulls, with the death of Colin Firth’s character being the largest, but it definitely left room for improvement to be made in the category.

Luckily it sounds like that will very much be the case. On top of saying the sequel will be “surprising and consistently go in directions you didn’t expect, both in terms of the characters’ emotional journeys and in terms of the kind of outrageous, absurd, or surprising kind of action that you see,” she had this to say about the main driving force behind the sequels story:

The main thing is we want to continue to be unpredictable. So the story goes through some very unpredictable emotional directions, and also you have the moments of absurdity that I hope will leave audiences surprised and delighted. It’s more outrageous than the first one, but it’s certainly not about ‘Oh, we have to be more gory, or more intense.’ There are some amazing action sequences that hopefully they’ll be surprising in ways audiences weren’t expecting to be surprised.

The biggest set back I’ve had thus far with what I’ve seen from The Golden Circle is how similar it feels to the original. I’ve always expected the sequel to go bigger in more than just one way, but the footage does feel very familiar. So to hear the co-writer of the film speak comments like above, it’s quite refreshing. Sure, she could definitely be talking up the film she had a hand in, but the sequel has some massive shoes to fill. And with Matthew Vaughn not only being her writing partner, but the director as well, I feel like there’s some residence there. I’ve always been hopeful for this sequel, especially after the surprising impact the first had on me. Here’s to hoping it can surpass or at least stay in line with its predecessor.

You can also check out some of the most recent footage to hit the web below. What do you think? Are you interested in the sequel having a more emotional impact? What kind of surprising and unpredictable moments do you think we’ll see? Wish to see? Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters on September 22nd.

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