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Patty Jenkins Signs on for ‘Wonder Woman 2’

While it comes as no surprise, we finally have confirmation that Patty Jenkins has officially signed on as director for Wonder Woman 2. It doesn’t seem like much of a surprise because of the massive success of Wonder Woman. What does come as a surprise is the amount of time it took to get her to sign on as director.

The negotiations took quite a bit of time for the amount of success and money that has been made from the debut of Wonder Woman. The latest tally of how much Wonder Woman has made worldwide stands at $816 million dollars, $410 of that domestically in the United States. Gal Gadot, Chris Pine & Patty Jenkins on set Wonder WomanWith that amount of money made, it gave Jenkins a hefty amount of room to negotiate which is why it has probably taken so much time for her to sign on.

Reportedly, Jenkins is set to make somewhere around $7-$9 million dollars directing Wonder Woman 2. This is a huge pay increase from the $1 million dollars she made for Wonder Woman. With Jenkins making around $7-$9 million dollars, this making her one of the highest paid female directors of all time and a step n the right direction for female directors. Zach Snyder made around $10 million dollars for Man of Steel. 

Patty Jenkins & Gal Gadot on set Wonder Woman

Personally I think that this is a great and fantastic signing for Jenkins and the DCEU. Obviously nobody should be directing Wonder Woman 2 other than Patty Jenkins. She made the best DCEU movie by far in my opinion and deserves to be rightfully paid for it. Hopefully the sequel can live up to the original as it is set to debut December 13, 2019.

Let us know in the comments below! Are you excited for a Wonder Woman 2 sequel directed by Patty Jenkins, or would you prefer someone else?


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