‘Aquaman’ Set Photos Give First Glimpse at Movie

Like everyone else I cannot wait for the Aquaman movie. This movie is easily my most anticipated of all the origin DC movies. So with that I have been waiting to get my hands on anything from the movie whether it is photos or clips. Luckily we have finally got some photos from the sets giving us a little a little hint of what is going on in filming.

The first set of photos that I came across was the photos that show the Curry Family lighthouse that resides on the cliffs over looking the water. The pictures take seem to show the family house and the lighthouse. The photos look like they have literally been
IMG_0025taken out of the pages of the comic book and transformed into real life. In the photos you can see the comparisons between the comic book rendering and the actual movie set. Although the lighthouse itself isn’t finished being built you can see the beginning of it. The lighthouse is reportedly being finished towards the end of filming.

The next set of photos give us our first look at the villainous Atlanteans that seem to be working for the movies villain Ocean Master. The first photo shows the Atlanteans chasing down what appears to be Mera on the rooftops. There isn’t any conformation that it is Mera, but the red hair is leading us to believe that it is her.

The second photo gives us a closer look at the suits that the villainous Atlanteans are going to be wearing. While we don’t have a great view of the front of the suit, we do get a pretty decent view of the side and the back of the suit.

So what do you guys think of the photos? Does this get you even more excited for Aquaman? To me this gives us a great perspective of how the movie is going to be splitting its time underwater and above land. Aquaman is set to be released December 21st, 2018.

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