New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Images Tease Finn’s Mission, Snoke’s Guards & Ahch-To’s Caretakers

Oh thank you! Wednesday became quite a glorious day early as Entertainment Weekly exploded the web-verse as they dropped the new cover and spread topic of their latest issue, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We’re now just five months away from quite possibly the biggest sequel to ever be released, and naturally, that means fascinating new goodies with EW’s upcoming Fall Preview issue.

The new images give a wide range of looks at some of the most exciting aspects of Rian Johnson’s film. Many eyes will be glued right away to something like Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter, which is being called the TIE Silencer and is designed after the much more sleek fighter piloted by Ren’s grandfather, Darth Vader. I love this new addition to the character. He’s Vader’s biggest fanboy so it just makes sense. Plus, it just looks badass, which leaves me wanting to see its tricks even more.

Among the stills of characters like Rey, Ren, Finn and Poe, we also get a better look at the highly talked abut Casino of Canto Bight and a duo of new creatures, the caretakers of Ahch-To and the Porgs, the famous force beings. As for Canto Bight, it looks nothing like the prequel famous Courescant, which is something I couldn’t be happier about. Bight is an extremely interesting part of this film. Just how much will it factor in? Or is it just a pit stop a la a famous city in a Bond film?

Take a long hard look at all the images below, as well as the descriptions I added to them, which come directly from the cover article EW did earlier today. Which images are your favorite? What are you looking forward to the most? What do you hope to see next? Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits a theater near you on December 15th.

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