What Would ‘Flashpoint’ Mean for the DCEU?

At San Diego Comic Con, one of the biggest announcements not only for DC, but all of Comic Con was that The Flash movie that was originally scheduled for next year would be pushed back all the way to a 2020 release date, but that wasn’t even the big news. The news was that The Flash would be an adaptation of one of the most famous DC Comics storyline called “Flashpoint.” Flashpoint literally changed the scope of DC Comics, setting off what is now known as “The New 52,” where 52 comics series basically began from 0 and started again. So why is Flashpoint such a big deal for the DCEU?

So let’s dive into the storyline of “Flashpoint” and recap the biggest events that came from the comic. Barry Allen essentially wakes up to find his mother Nora Allen alive and his father Henry Allen dead. He assumes that a villain like Reverse Flash, has messed with him and changed life as he knows it. He also learns that he has no powers and is no longer The Flash. Wonder Woman and the Amazons are at war with Aquaman and the Atlanteans. The war is killing millions of people and the United States is about to enter the war with already many of our favorite DC heroes dead due to the violence.

Barry then learns that Superman doesn’t exist like we previously knew him and Cyborg has basically taken up his mantle. Superman was taken as a child by the U.S. Government and kept underground, deprived of Sunlight which leaves him weak and frail. He is also no longer called Superman but just “Subject 1.” When The Flash eventually meets up with Batman to explain what has happened, he is shocked to learn that Batman is not Bruce Wayne, but Thomas Wayne as the timeline has been changed and Bruce was killed, and Thomas and Martha Wayne survived leaving Thomas Wayne to become a murderous Batman and Martha Wayne to eventually go crazy from the death of her son and become the Joker.

Eventually Barry Allen learns that Reverse Flash wasn’t responsible for all this but in fact it was his own fault as he went back in time to try and save his mother Nora Allen, but in doing so has created a new timeline changing everything as he knows it. At some point he tries to recreate the night he gains his powers, unsuccessfully at first, leaving him badly injured, but eventually gaining them back and going back in time reversing what he started, but still causing a permanent change in the timeline.

So as you can tell this story would have a HUGE impact on the DCEU if followed into movie form. The only thing is, is it a little to early for the DCEU to be adapting a story like this potentially changing everything as we know so far? While we will get Justice League later this year, the only movies left between Justice League and Flashpoint are, Aquaman, Suicide Squad 2, and Shazam!. Leaving me to wonder how are they going to adapt a huge story like Flashpoint into a movie when The Flash hasn’t even had his own movie to begin with and his character has only been established through other movies.

Something interesting that came after the announcement of Flashpoint was that actor Jeffery Dean Morgan, who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, tweeted out a photo of him and actress Lauren Cohan, who played Martha Wayne, smiling with the caption “Did you say….#Flashpoint.” This immediately sent fans into a frenzy as fans speculated that maybe he would come back and take over the role of Batman due to the events of Flashpoint. Now this may not be a long shot as lots of rumors are saying actor Ben Affleck is over playing Batman. This would be a perfect way for him to leave the franchise, even though at Comic Con, Affleck said “Batman is the coolest f*cking part in any universe,”┬áleaving us thinking he is committed to the role and its future.

Personally I love the thought of the DCEU adapting Flashpoint comic into a movie. The only problem for me is that, like many people, I think that it is way to early for them to be doing a comic like this, essentially changing everything we know so far. Now I’m sure they will change aspects of the story, but for me, I would have enjoyed to get to know Barry Allen at least one movie before hitting Flashpoint. They will have already used the story line before we even get the Cyborg movie and the Green Lantern Corps movie as well. The biggest draw for me in this movie would be the chance to see the war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans. Cinematically that could be one of the coolest battles ever, if done right.

So what do you think? Are you excited for the chance to see Flashpoint up on the big screen or are you like the many who believe that it is a little bit to early for them to adapt this storyline? Do you think that The Flash is going to be able to deliver on such a big storyline this early into the franchise? Let us know in the comments below so we can discuss!

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