Anne Hathaway Is Being Eyed to Replace Amy Schumer in the ‘Barbie’ Movie

When the live action Barbie movie was first announced, it had been reported that Amy Schumer was going to play the title Barbie character for the upcoming movie. But with the recent departure of Schumer who cited “scheduling conflicts” as the reason for her departure, Sony has been trying to find another actress to replace Schumer for their leading lady.

Now it looks like the title role will be offered to none other then Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. While it isn’t a done deal, it sounds pretty likely that we will see Hathaway in the title role for the upcoming movie. As well as finding a lead actress, Sony has tapped Australian director Alethea Jones, who directed Fun Mom Dinner, as the director of choice for the upcoming project with Amy Pascal as producer.

The movie has been described as a fish out of water type movie where Barbie begins to realize that she doesn’t quite belong in the world that she lives in and sets her sights to make it to the “real world” and fit in there. Personally from that, I think the movie sounds like it was made to be an Amy Schumer type funny movie. While Schumer hasn’t lately been a success at the box office, I think she could have brought something hilarious to Barbie. What I am curious moving forward is if the change the movie to fit Hathaway in a way that is a little bit different then Schumer. It was reported that Hathaway’s Barbie was going to focus more on “women’s empowerment,” leaving me to wonder if the tone of the movie has changed with Sony looking for a June 2018 release date.

That’s all the information that we currently have about the upcoming Barbie movie. Do you think you will go see this live action Barbie movie? Are you happy with the lead actress change? Let us know in the comments below!

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