New ‘Justice League’ LEGO Sets Reveal Possible Plot Details

[Potential Justice League spoilers do follow.]

If you’re still here, LEGO has begun to unveil their LEGO sets for November’s highly anticipated Justice League. From the pictures of the LEGO sets we are beginning to get clues on how events may play out during the film. As we already know the film will revolve around Steppenwolf and the Parademons trying to locate the three Motherboxes that are on Earth. The LEGO sets give us some clues as to where the boxes may be and the fights that will come. While we know one of the Motherboxes will be used on Cyborg, this leaves us with the other two Motherboxes to be found.

The first LEGO set seems to imply that one of the two Motherboxes will be found in Atlantis being guarded by Aquaman and the Atlantean’s. As you can see in the picture above it looks as though the Parademons will somehow find their way down to the depths of Atlantis and attempt to scale an attack and capture the Motherbox, shown in the middle of the picture.

The second set seems to be taking place underground in the tunnels of possibly either Gotham or Metropolis. We have seen this type of setting in the trailers, which leads me to believe that some sort of battle will be taking place underground. The only thing is the Motherbox seen at the bottom of the picture is silver, which may be the same Motherbox that is found at the bottom of Atlantis.

The final set assembles Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Cyborg against the Parademons and our very first look at Steppenwolf. As you can see Steppenwolf has a Motherbox in his hand and it is red, a different color than the previous silver one which may be the final Motherbox. Steppenwolf is also much larger than all the other characters, which may show how large he actually is as he has been reported to be an all CGI character in the movie.

So although we don’t know much detail about the plot to Justice League other than Steppenwolf and his goal to secure the Motherboxes, this may give us a slight hint as to the events that take place in the movie. For me, if I had to guess what’s going to go down is Batman or Wonder Woman will find Cyborg, who has a Motherbox in him (I’m guessing Wonder Woman). I truly believe that the Motherbox in Atlantis will be either a flashback or the Amazonians and Atlanteans did battle long ago against the Parademons and they hid the Motherbox in Atlantas and now the Parademons are going to try and retrieve it. Which leaves one more Motherbox that will be at the end with a large battle from the underground to out in the open, which Steppenwolf will appear and take the Motherbox hid below Gotham or Metropolis.

So what do you guys think? Think that the Lego sets are big clues to the plot line? Do you think my theory is correct or do you have one better? Let me know in the comments below! Justice League comes out November 17th, 2017.

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