New ‘Black Panther’ Images: Enter the World of Wakanda

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled a beautiful new batch of images for Marvel’s highly anticipated Black Panther. From the moment we saw the first footage of the Ryan Coogler film during the NBA Finals, which seems ages ago, we’ve been clamoring for more looks at the standalone outing. With San Diego’s Comic-Con right around the corner, we’ve gotten exactly that, and it seems fitting for a film like this one to not only have 20 new images released, but grace the cover of one of the most popular magazine’s.

Is the new look we’ve received this morning just a precursor for something massive next week? One can hope, but if not, these new images are plenty for us to go off of for the next few months. Not only do these images reveal the vibrant, cultural, and powerful people from the MCU world of Wakanda, but EW has attached new details to each image about some of the lesser known characters. In other words, find out who T’Challa will be fighting with and against come next February.

I can’t put into the words the kind of excitement I have for this film. The character of Black Panther has always been one of my favorites from Marvel, but how he was introduced in Captain America: Civil War and the arc he was given there after, I’m really looking forward to how Marvel tackles the character of T’Challa inside the cinematic universe.

As for the film, what can I say? The teaser trailer was phenomenal, but the one thing that stood out the most was the world-building, and that’s continued here in these new images. As I said earlier, the people of Wakanda are vibrant, cultural, and very powerful. There could not have been a better choice to tackle such a story and film than Ryan Coogler. So far, it looks like Black Panther isn’t just setting out to change the face of the comic book genre, but film as a whole. I said it earlier this year as we discussed the trailer on one of our podcasts, but I believe Black Panther will be the first comic book film of the cinematic universe era to be nominated for an Academy Award. Mark my words.

Anyway, check out the huge batch of images below and after doing so, head down to the comments and let me know what you think. Are you looking forward to it just as much as I am? What aspect(s) get you excited? Sound off below! Black Panther will be hitting theaters on February 18th, 2018.

If you want to see more from EW, head on over to the following link and read a lengthy, but informative breakdown of the characters alongside Boseman’s T’Challa:

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