‘Venom’ Movie Will Also Feature the Villain Carnage

While it’s still a question (not official yet) as to whether or not VenomBlack & Silver, and other Sony Spider-Man properties will join Tom Holland’s web-slinger in Marvel’s cinematic universe, Sony is moving forward full-steam ahead with their own cinematic universe (again). Last month brought the news that Tom Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom in a spinoff for Sony, which will be directed by Gangster Squad helmer Ruben Fleischer. It’s unclear to this point as to how Venom’s story will work if it’s no longer tied to Spider-Man, but as news brought today, that doesn’t seem to worry Sony.

In a lengthy in-depth article about everything Marvel-Sony, The Hollywood Reporter revealed today that Venom will also feature the villain Carnage, a long-time fan favorite character. Other than knowing that fans have been hoping and wishing for the character for a very long time, I don’t know much about Carnage. But thanks to Collider, here’s a little description on the character:

The character first appeared as serial killer (ugh) Cletus Kassidy. Kassidy shared a cell with Brock in prison, and Brock escaped using the symbiote. However, the symbiote left some of itself behind, merged with Kassidy, and the Kassidy became Carnage. His powers include physical strength, shapeshifting, and all of Spider-Man’s powers. Basically, Venom is “What if Spider-Man was an anti-hero?” and Carnage is “What if Spider-Man was a bad guy with lots and lots of powers?”

I don’t know how much faith I have in Venom and what Sony is cooking up over there. They’ve made fantastic Spider-Man movies before, but the minute they decide jump on the cinematic universe train, everything goes down in flames. I’m all for seeing all these characters on the big screen, but it takes time. I have no doubt Tom Hardy can be a total badass as Venom, but what about the bigger picture? Where does it go? Especially without their main draw in Spider-Man? A Venom vs Carnage fight sounds absolutely amazing, but that isn’t everything. Hopefully third time’s a charm, right? Venom hit theaters on October 5th, 2018.

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