Newly Elected Warner Bros. President Knows Nothing About DC Comics

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Warner Bros has a new sheriff in town, and his name is Toby Emmerich. He was recently named President and Chief Creative Officer for the production company that owns the film rights to DC Comics.

Emmerich has been in the industry for years, with producing credits on over 50 films, but now he’ll have to familiarize himself with characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, if he’s to please the shareholders who’re desperately wanting to close the gap with Marvel Studios. “I don’t speak comic,” Emmerich admitted in a recent interview with Variety. “I do feel like I speak motion pictures. I speak for an audience. I look and ask, ‘How does this work for a general audience?’”

Even a DCEU fan like myself can admit that before Wonder Woman, these movies struggled appealing to the mass audience in a way that Marvel Studios seems to do so easily. Is Emmerich that guy who can step in, and help DC Films executives Jon Berg and Geoff Johns continue building on this momentum they have? The latter seems to think so.

“He understands that when we’re talking about the characters, we’re not just talking about what their powers are,” Johns said. “We’re talking about who they are as people.”

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Where Johns lacks in experience producing big-budget films, he makes up in knowledge of understanding DC characters. Right now, he and Patty Jenkins are writing a treatment for Wonder Woman 2, and he’s the guy I’d trust to create a good story for whatever movies these other executives want to shoehorn into the ever expanding universe.

As for Emmerich, I’m already liking the guy. During he interview with Variety, he admired recent comic book films like Logan and Deadpool, and dropped this little teaser.

“I would be surprised if we didn’t at some point make an R-rated DC movie,” he teased.

I’ll take that R-rated Suicide Squad 2, directed by Mel Gibson right now.

sources: BatmanNews

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