‘Wonder Woman 2’: Patty Jenkins Not Signed for Sequel, Which Means She’s Getting a Huge Raise

Director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot have defied the odds, and have made Wonder Woman a hit with both critics and audiences. Jenkins, a director who hasn’t made a feature film in twelve years, has created one of the most inspirational, uplifting superhero movies in a long time. Meanwhile, Gadot has come a long way as an untrained actress, delivering a charismatic performance as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. After its $100 million plus opening weekend, you can bet Warner Bros is planning fast to develop a Wonder Woman 2. Except there’s only one small problem on their end…. someone only inked Jenkins to a one picture deal.

Gadot remains signed in a multi-picture deal, one that likely includes two more solo-movies and a Justice League sequel. Although Jenkins has ideas on where to go in the Wonder Woman sequel, she first has to decide how much she wants to make. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she and Warner Bros are scheduled to negotiate a deal that’ll see her return for the sequel, as well as be involved in the creative process of other DC projects. I love this news, because Jenkins has backed up her understanding & passion for a character like Wonder Woman, with a film that’s currently dominating the box office.

As I stated in our recent Comic Hero Talk episode, expect to hear news that Wonder Woman 2 is coming, with Gadot and Jenkins returning before year’s end. Also expect to see an increased focus on Wonder Woman in the remainder of the marketing campaign for Justice League. For now, go and get that money you deserve, Patty!

sources: BatmanNews.com

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