‘Catwoman’ Honest Trailer: This is a Movie for No One

The comic book genre is at an all-time high. Marvel Studios started their race nearly ten years ago and has only showed signs of gaining ground, rather than slowing down. Warner Bros. and DC have consistently made movies over the last two decades, but only kicked off their own cinematic universe  few years ago. And 20th Century has continuously backed the X-Men franchise, no matter how f’ed their timeline is. While each studio and universe has their strengths, each have had a down moment, at some point. To some it may be Ang Lee’s Hulk, others it could be X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but to most it’s Catwoman.

To mark the release of Wonder Woman this weekend (eek), Screen Junkies put their focus of their latest honest trailer directly at the lowest of lows for superheroes. According to early reviews, Wonder Woman is not just the long-awaited DC film we’ve all been waiting for, but the female-led superhero movie as well. And before we can all bask in the glory that is Princess Diana, SJ wants to make sure we all know just how far this genre has come in just over a decade. That or wanted to have a ball and completely bash on hands down the worst comic book movie to ever be given a green light. Check it out below.

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