James Wan Posts New Image of Amber Heard’s Mera In ‘Aquaman’

@creepypuppet: “Lady MERA swept in from the sea. First day with the exquisite Amber Heard. (Shot by the talented @jasinboland )”

The hype for Wonder Woman is currently chugging along with it now just over two weeks away from being released. Early word of mouth on the Patty Jenkins film has been positive to this point (although nothing is official yet), but let’s face it, the solo adventure we’re all looking forward to is Aquaman. That’s not the case just because Jason Momoa is the King of Atlantis or that James Wan (The ConjuringFurious 7) is helming the project, but a product everything, including the quite lovely Amber Heard and her character Mera.

To this point, we’ve seen just a small handful of looks at Heard’s character, an image thanks to Zack Snyder and of course, the most recent trailer for Justice League, which showed a very quick shot of her underwater. Now, thanks to Wan on twitter, we have our best look at the beauty. The new look strips Mera of her more armored look we’ve previously seen and gives us our first glance at the look that she’ll more than likely be wearing for a majority of the time. And WOWZERS is it a look.

The detail in the costume is unbelievable. And as a fan of the Aquaman comics, more specifically the New 52 run, I couldn’t be more happy with how this suit turned out. I’m still a bit hesitant on her armored look, which could change in action, but I’m really digging this look. And Heard, she’s just absolutely killing it. But the biggest thing this image reveals is that the DCEU will finally be getting some color to it. It’s been a much darker style of filmmaking so far, with this easily being the most vibrant part. Hopefully it stays that way after post-production!

Heard is one of the best castings DC has made to this point. While it may have started off slow, her career seems to be taking a turn as of late, thanks to her most recent role in The Danish Girl. I’m stoked to see her as this character, especially since Mera is one of my favorite parts of the Aquaman mythology. The kind of power and opposition she brings to the story is unlike any…spouse viewpoint for any character. She’s one of the aspects I’m looking forward to the most with this film.This image is a another great notch in her character box, hopefully that continues on screen. Aquaman is slated to swim into theaters on December 21st, 2018.

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