‘Aliens’ Honest Trailer: Bigger, Yellier & 10 Times More Boomier

The Alien franchise makes a hopeful return this weekend, but before we start discussing what is Alien: Covenant, let’s take a look back at what came before, honestly. To celebrate the return of the classic action hour franchise, Screen Junkies has released their honest take on the most popular entry, Aliens. The James Cameron sequel that added a hell of a lot more than just an s on the end of its title is thought of as the best, and for good reason. But because its Screen Junkies, let’s see what the honest take on the beloved sequel is.

If you’ve never heard of the honest trailer, you’re missing out. It’s a real treat. Every big movie that’s released on home video or a prior franchise entries get what’s considered the honest trailer treatment, where SJ breakdown the movie and give the “honest” take on the characters, story, and more. For the most part, they’re flat-out hilarious, bringing things to light the everyday fan would never see or think of. Other times they tip their cap as far as they can and just admit that the movie is that good. Some though, some get lit up like a firework because they are just that bad. Now Aliens kind of sort of falls in both the prior categories, as it features moments of both. But enough chit chat, take a look for yourself and see if you agree with the arguments SJ makes on the Alien sequel.

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