DC’s Extended Universe Aiming High on Filmmakers (Robert Zemeckis)

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I’m cautiously optimistic about the kind of directors Warner Bros is going after for their DCEU projects. Names like Mel Gibson, Robert Zemeckis, and George Miller are among Hollywood’s A-list, proven directors of big budget features. They’ve all taken meetings at Warner Bros for future DC projects, attempting to build off a mutual interest on both sides. Potentially having their names attached to even the most risky, unpopular DC films are enough to give me excited. However, none of it means sh*t if Warner isn’t able to lock these filmmakers down.

You see, I’m of the mindset that the DCEU needs established directors, if they want any shot of keeping up with Marvel, because clearly that’s all the studio executives care about. Of course it helps making universally well received films. Regardless of my affection for Man of Steel and BvS, these films are way too divisive among fans and critics during an era of comic book movie dominance in Hollywood. I’m a believer in Wonder Woman, Justice League, and especially Aquaman finding success, but in order for Warner Bros to properly build off whatever momentum may come from these films, the future projects need established directors, with proven track records.

Joss Whedon‘s Batgirl solo-movie is a gift from the comic book movie gods. Matt Reeves is the saving grace for a once troubled Batman solo-movie. David Ayer (and especially Warner Bros) will hopefully improve on Suicide Squad, with his upcoming Gotham City Sirens. Shazam and Black Adam solo-movies have Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a franchise viagra) attached, so I’m not worried about either of those. What about Man of Steel 2?What about The Flash solo-movie??

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I’m expecting Ezra Miller to steal the show as Barry Allen in Justice League, thus making his (often delayed) solo-movie a highly anticipated one. This project has already lost a number of directors, and has recently been given a page one rewrite, even after a Phil Lord & Chris Miller treatment. This movie could potentially be even bigger than it already is for the DCEU after this year, and will surely need a big name attached on the director’s chair. Just yesterday, reports came out that Zemeckis (Back to the Future trilogy), Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman), and Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy) are all being considered by Warner to direct The Flash. All these directors are great candidates in their own right, but in my opinion, its not even a debate. Robert Zemeckis is the man for the job. 

Any real film buff won’t question Zemeckis’ longtime work as a director. In the 80’s, he helped elevate the blockbuster genre, alongside Spielberg, with Back to the Future. Sure, it’s been quite a few years since he’s directed a live-action blockbuster, but I think he can do some great things with The Flash character, and the story elements involving time travel (remind you of another Zemeckis film?).

If I’m Warner Bros, he’s my guy, and I’d be willing to finance his next two passion projects just to have him make this film. More importantly, I believe Zemeckis is fascinated at a character like The Flash (see below). Make it happen Warner Bros., and get Zemeckis, Gibson, and all these big time directors on board. On a side note, I’d love to see Matthew Vaughn direct a film in this DCEU, and I’m hoping he’s considered for Man of Steel 2, because why the hell not?

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ScreenJunkies: “Apparently Zemeckis likes The Flash. He’s a character he would actually like to work on.”

Do you think Robert Zemeckis is the clear cut choice for The Flash, or does someone else fit the bill? What are the chances Warner Bros is able to sign most of these filmmakers?

sources: Collider, ScreenJunkies News

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