Marvel’s Netflix Heroes Come Together in the First Trailer for ‘The Defenders’

Alright folks, we don’t ever put up articles regarding television because well, it would just be too damn much. But because it’s Marvel and because it’s their Netflix heroes, it only seems right to talk about the first trailer for The Defenders.

The first official trailer for Marvel Netflix event has been released, which brings together New York’s singular street heroes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist with one common goal, to save New York. Burdened with their own personal challenges, they soon realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.

Regarding each of these characters solo series, Daredevil can pretty much do no wrong in my opinion. I’m currently re-watching season 1 right now and I declared when it was released that season 2 might be the greatest season of television I’ve ever witnessed. While I wasn’t emerged in Jessica Jones like many others, I enjoyed seeing a completely different style of hero join this Netflix universe. Luke Cage definitely had its moments, but was a little too consistent for me. And as for Iron Fist, we all know how the critics felt about it, but I didn’t mind it. Sure, Finn Jones may be an odd choice for the character, but he fits the role created. The unfortunate thing is that it focused too much on business attire rather than setting up a total badass character like Iron Fist really is. From this new trailer, it looks like that may be changing…

This trailer is pretty kick ass. There’s some really cool scenes in here, with the obvious ones being those where character from each show come together in one frame, like the opening scene featuring Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, and Matt Murdock. That’s what makes this show so damn exciting, especially for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe. We know what it’s like to see heroes come together for a greater cause, and being Marvel, we know the kind of awesomeness this show can be.

Like I said earlier, Daredevil S2 was my favorite of the bunch so far, and a lot of that is due to the character of Elektra. I’m so absolutely pumped to see her return and how that will go over with her little Matty. Sure, she may not be a match for the Defenders as a whole, but remember, she has The Hand behind her now. We all know how dangerous a whole lot of ninja’s can be. Not only that, but it looks like she’s working with Sigourney Weaver as well. Who in their right mind wants to f**k with Sigourney Weaver?

All-in-all, this is a great first set of footage for the upcoming Netflix event. I can’t wait to see more. What did you think? Are you on board like me? Marvel and Netflix’sThe Defenders premieres on August 18th, 2017.

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