‘Star Wars: Episode IX’: Rian Johnson Not Writing a Treatment is Concerning

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When Lucasfilm announced J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson, and Colin Trevorrow as directors for a new trilogy of Star Wars movies, there was the intention of having each director working closely with one another. This would ensure the three films would be connected through a strong coherent story. So far it’s been a successful collaboration through the production of Episode VII and VIII, as Johnson has made the necessary adjustments to his script for The Last Jedi, throughout the production and post release’s reception on The Force Awakens.

As the development on Episode IX furthers, it’s been my understanding that Johnson would not only write/direct The Last Jedi, but also write a treatment for Episode IX. After all, his work as a writer stands well above that of Abrams and Trevorrow, and so it would be smart for Lucasfilm to have Johnson lay the foundation on the screenplay for Episode IX, which could pick up directly after the events in his upcoming film. However, when Johnson was asked by a fan if that was still the case, the director confirmed that particular bit of information is outdated.

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Colin Trevorrow – Co-Writer/Director for Episode IX

I’m going to do the unpopular thing now, and express some doubt into how this new regime at Lucasfilm is handling the conclusion of this trilogy. I’m a fan of Colin Trevorrow as a director, and I believe with strong writing he can tell a great story onscreen (Safety Not Guaranteed). However, I was not a fan of Jurassic World upon repeat viewings, and a big problem is the film’s poor writing (co-written by him and Derek Connolly). This is concerning because it was Jurassic World (a big-budget sci-fi/adventure) that landed them both him and Connelly co-writing duties on Episode IX.

If The Last Jedi is as great as I’m expecting it to be, then I feel like a bar will be set too high for Trevorrow and Connolly to reach. I mean we’re talking about a writer in Johnson who’s responsible for Brick and Looper. Again Trevorrow is a really good director, but as a writer he isn’t as proficient. Same goes for his writing partner, whose track record isn’t great. That’s why having Johnson write a treatment for the duo made sense. Now maybe I’m proven wrong, and Lucasfilm gives them the resources needed to make a great ending for this current trilogy.  I just hope Episode IX doesn’t fall into that longtime trend of third films in a trilogy being the weakest. I’m only concerned because I care.

sources: Collider, Rian Johnson’s Twitter

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