‘Aladdin’: Will Smith Being Considered to Play the Genie Character

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Will Smith is a once in a generation Hollywood superstar that can do it all. Whether it’s rapping to a beat, and earning himself Grammy awards, or starring in memorable TV sitcoms, and a wide variety of genre films. Everywhere he went, he was a force to be reckoned with. There was a good ten years where his name on a movie meant it was a “must see”, as he drew in big numbers at the box office.

In today’s industry, Smith’s star shines brighter than most young actors, despite his decline in production for quality blockbusters. You’d have trouble finding a film where he was the problem with it. For me, there’s little doubt to be had on whether or not he can handle any given role. Which is what makes me so confident that he can play Genie in the Disney live-action, Guy Ritchie directed Aladdin.

Like many of you, I’ll forever cherish the late Robin Williams’ portrayal in the ’92 animated film. When Disney first announced plans for a live-action adaptation, I was immediately concerned about how they would handle the Genie character, but that was well before the name Will Smith appeared. My support for him goes beyond the fact that he’s my all-time favorite actor. Smith is a genuinely funny human being. I can remember laughing my ass off as a kid watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, even till this day when I revisit re-runs.

There’s no question that he’s capable of playing the role. Like Robin Williams, Smith is a special kind of entertainer, one that stands apart from the rest. If he does in fact sign on for the role, it’ll make me a lot more confident in this live-action adaptation. I’ll be following the development of this project very closely.

sources: Collider, Deadline

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