The Search Is Over: Josh Brolin Has Been Cast as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

Ryan Reynolds and company did an excellent job of teasing the Cable character during the after credits of what was arguably the biggest surprise of 2016. They followed this up with another tease of Cable during a Deadpool one shot that was shown prior to Logan. Before you know it, general audiences were interested in learning more about Cable, while fanboys were eager to know who would be cast in the role.

Over the past few weeks, the hype for Cable has died down for me, as I read one report after another about casting short lists and rumors. I was almost to a point where I just didn’t give a f**k anymore, especially when these articles would focus on actors no longer in the running for the role. Thankfully, we finally have an answer on who will play Cable in Deadpool 2, and it’s official. Josh Brolin has been cast in the supporting role.

I know what you’re thinking movie buffs. Isn’t Brolin also currently playing Thanos in the MCU? I mean literally, Avengers: Infinity War is shooting in Atlanta right now, and Thanos (Brolin) is said to have a prominent role in the film. Well it’s quite obvious that Brolin doesn’t mind, and neither does 20th Century Fox, who’s learned to trust Reynolds and company when it comes to the Deadpool franchise.

The report on Brolin’s casting also mentions the deal is a four picture agreement. This means Brolin will play Cable in Deadpool 2, X-Force, and likely Deadpool 3. Although it wouldn’t be my first choice (Brad Pitt), I l still love this casting. Brolin is a proven talent in both drama and comedy, which the latter should bold well for sharing the screen with Reynolds. Now that Cable has been cast, we can finally end the speculating. Deadpool 2 will begin production later this year.

Sources: Collider, Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter.

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