Classic Fairy Tale Princesses Will Come Together In ‘Princesses’

Where there’s money to be made, Disney capitalizes on the opportunity both quickly and efficiently. Let’s be honest, they’re practically recycling their animated classics into live-action movies, and regardless of the audience’s awareness of whatever story at hand, we buy into it. Their latest live-action adaptation, Beauty and the Beast just broke the box office record for biggest March opening ever (seventh all-time). It’s pure brilliance on their part. That’s why I’m surprised the studio has yet to jump on this latest spec that has all the major studios buzzing.

Princesses is a project that’s being described as “a female-driven Avengers featuring classic fairy tale princesses.” That’s right, all your favorite princesses coming together for an event film. According to Tracking Board, a package that includes a completed script, written by Nir Paniry, and a director already attached in Joachim Ronning (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). This package is currently being shopped to all major studios simultaneously, and is expected to find a home very soon.

To avoid any confusion, many of the princesses, particularly the ones made famous by Disney, remain a public domain, as in everyone can use the characters for their story (remember Shrek). Disney’s recent success with Cinderella and now Beauty and the Beast, along with the word “Avengers-esque” makes this project very intriguing, especially if it’s live-action. Considering their proven success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and live-action adaptations, I can’t see Disney not making a bid, if not buying out the rights for Princesses (assuming Netflix shows no interest). This whole idea, and the package included with it, sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see which studio comes out with the rights.

Sources: Tracking Board, Teen Vogue.

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