Justin Lin Will Direct Black Panther Drama ‘The Stand Off’ for Netflix

Director Justin Lin is one of the unsung heroes in turning the Fast & Furious films into one of the longest & successful franchises in cinema history. He also directed one of the most underrated and entertaining blockbusters last summer with Star Trek Beyond. A proven talent in big budget flicks, Lin is now going back to doing the kind of projects that first put him on the map. It’s being reported that Netflix has signed Lin to direct a real life drama, set in 1969 involving a SWAT team and the Black Panthers, titled The Stand Off.

In 1969, a newly formed police unit called SWAT began executing raids all over Los Angeles. Their first majority and highly prioritized operations was the LA Headquarters of the Black Panther party. A four-hour shootout took place between six Panther members and a force that at one point was said to be as many as 200 police officers. Charges against the Black Panthers were ultimately dropped, as it was ruled they acted in self-defense, however, this incident had a ripple effect in racial tensions throughout the country.

This project sounds fascinating. The fact that Netflix bought the rights makes me confident that Lin will be able properly handle the story, without studio interference. Black Swan screenwriter Mark Heyman wrote the script, which Lin will direct from. Once again, Netflix is making a case to be taken seriously as more than just a streaming service, but a bona fide movie studio.

Sources: Collider, WitnessLa.


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