Is It a Good Idea to Have David S. Goyer Direct the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Movie?

I get a big enough headache trying to make sense of where Warner Bros. is taking the DCEU beyond this year. Now I’m certain they’re trying to kill me, should there be any truth to this latest rumor.

So we know that Green Lantern Corps is coming in 2020. Recently, Warner Bros. has appointed both David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes to write the script. Considering the release date, it’s understandable why there’s been no word on a potential director, until now that is. According to Tracking Board’s editor-in-chief, Jeff Sneider (via Meet the Movie Press), Goyer could not only co-write the upcoming Green Lantern Corps, but also direct the movie.

Now before I turn up the heat, it’s important to stress that this is only a rumor. Warner Bros. has not confirmed that Goyer is even in talks direct, as of yet. This could all be nothing. However, we’re talking about Warner Bros here. The studio that has parted ways with more potential directors for The Flash solo-movie than the number of films currently in the DCEU. The studio that gave David Ayer a bad name towards the comic book fan community because they made him rush the script, only to later high-jack his film. The studio that… never mind. If you’re a comic book fan, I don’t need to remind you of the s**t this studio pulls. I could totally see them essentially giving Goyer the keys to Green Lantern Corps, should he become both co-writer and director. And I have a big f**king problem with that.

To his credit, Goyer is an intelligent and creative writer. There’s a reason why Warner Bros. has worked with him since Batman Begins. His filmography as a writer has some pretty big comic book hits, with credits on Blade, The Dark Knight, and Man of Steel. However, he’s also had some major misses throughout his career with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Blade Trinity to name a few. The latter of which he also directed to disappointing results. And WB wants him to co-write and possibly direct Green Lantern Corps?

Regardless of his work on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, which I believe to be limited, Warner Bros. is not in a position to take a chance on a director like Goyer with a character like Green Lantern. This is stupid on so many levels. The whole reason Green Lantern Corps is scheduled for 2020 is to distance itself from that sh**ty 2011 movie. This next Green Lantern needs to work, and Warner Bros. knows this. Yet, they’re considering a sub-par writer whose one major directorial effort killed the Blade franchise. Are you out of your f**king mind, WB?

This is hard to believe because the studio has been going after these incredible filmmakers like Matt Reeves, Mel Gibson, and Matthew Vaughn. I refuse to believe they would even consider Goyer. The fact that some out there are buying into the idea of him directing Green Lantern Corps bothers me. This studio is in no position to be taking risks, especially if they want this DCEU to be the best it can possibly be. Find someone else Warner Bros.

Sources: FlickeringMyth.

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