Poll: What’s Your Favorite Emma Watson Movie?

Emma Watson is one of the best young talents in Hollywood. Through a long list of Harry Potter films and what came after, she’s – time after time – showed why she is someone who will be around for quite some time. As the Harry Potter franchise was chugging along, out of the three main leads of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Watson, she was always poised to have a big career once her time as Hermoine Granger ended. And it started off hot, as she picked a wide range of roles that would express her talent even more. But were any of those roles or movies able to stand up against her popular Hermoine Granger?

In the poll below, you can see her filmography and every movie (big and small) she’s been a part of. This weekend, a major release will be added to that list in Beauty and the Beast, but before we jump ahead of ourselves and say the role of Belle is her best, let’s take a look back and choose which movie is her best thus far. Scroll down, think it over, and cast your vote for which Emma Watson movie is your favorite:

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