Here’s a Few Predictions for the ‘Logan’ Post Credits Scene

Regardless of Director James Mangold’s best attempts to down play it, several movie sites have confirmed that Logan will have a post-credits teaser. 20th Century Fox has wisely decided not to include the teaser with the advance critic screenings, but many believe it’ll debut during the first showings this Thursday, March 2nd.

None of the reports online regarding the teaser hint at what we can expect. The past four X-Men related films (Deadpool, Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, and The Wolverine) have all given clues at what the next film will be about. However, with Hugh Jackman retiring as Wolverine after Logan, it leaves the character’s future largely unknown. I have a few predictions of my own regarding the post-credits teaser. Some based on recent reports, others just wishful thinking.

Hugh Jackman Breaks the Fourth Wall

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan

Ever since he announced playing Wolverine one last time, Jackman has continuously been asked by the fans and the press just how certain he is about his decision. Time after time, the answer from Jackman has always been the same. However, it’s possible (or maybe just wishful thinking) the reception from Logan has motivated the studio to push harder to get Jackman to reconsider coming back. Even Ryan Reynolds has expressed a high interest in working with Jackman once again. What if all the voices combined (studio, fans, and Reynolds) calling for Jackman to do one more was enough?

As a result, during the post-credits teaser Jackman breaks the fourth wall and announces he’ll do one more, for the fans. Then Reynolds appears as Deadpool, and says something bromance-y to Jackman that annoys him, teasing what’s to come. How awesome would that be?

Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) Teases X-Men: Supernova

James McAvoy, Bryan Singer & Michael Fassbender on set X-Men: Apocalypse

Rumors have been circulating the web these past two weeks regarding the next X-Men film. These reports strongly suggest that Jean Grey will play a major role in the next film, as she loses control of her powers and unleashes the Dark Phoenix. Actress Sophie Turner confirmed the next X-Men will begin production soon, which increases the possibility of these rumors being true.

Should the filmmakers (Simon Kinberg?) decide to take advantage of the Logan post-credits teaser, it’s possible that James McAvoy and/or Sophie Turner make an appearance (likely inside the X mansion) and tease the Dark Phoenix storyline.

An X-23 Solo Film Gets Teased

Dane Keen as X-23 in Logan

This option is the least likely, because nothing regarding an X-23 (Dafne Keene) film going into development has been announced. However, should the studio be so confident in the reception towards the character, they may jump ahead and announce the plans (via the post-credits teaser). So far, the response to her character has been overly positive, both in the marketing and advance screenings, which could be good enough for the studio to move forward on developing a solo movie. Plus, director James Mangold has already expressed interest in doing an X-23 movie.

20th Century Fox has so many options they could go with, making your guess as good as mine. What would you like to see in the post-credits teaser? A Wolverine/Deadpool team up? Casting announcement for Cable? Let us know in the comments! Logan is released on March 3rd.

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