The ‘X-Force’ Movie Is Finally Coming from the Hands of Joe Carnahan

The anticipation for Logan is much bigger than anyone at 20th Century Fox predicted. It’s safe to say that after next month, the studio will be two for two regarding their R-rated comic book adaptations, which means they could be moving forward on more similar projects immediately. For years, we’ve suspected an

Joe CarnahanX-Force movie in the works, but nothing as far as a greenlight on the development has been given. Well, that is until now.

It’s being reported that Joe Carnahan has been brought in to write the script for X-Force. His career is currently on fire right now, as he’s scheduled to direct the next Bad Boys (starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence), currently writing the Uncharted movie, soon beginning development on The Raid remake, and now writing an X-Men movie. It’s no surprise that Hollywood is hot for his talents, after his directorial/writing effort in the 2011 surprise hit The Grey, and directing experience on action flicks like Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team on his resume. This man has steadily improved as a filmmaker, and certainly knows how to do action.

For those who don’t know of X-Force, they’re a military-like group of mutants who are rough around the edges. They do the extremely dirty work, and sometimes take on Black Ops missions. Like the X-Men, this group consists of rotating members, with Deadpool, Cable, and Domino being prominent members, all of who happen to be appearing in Deadpool 2, for what it’s worth.

It’s all but certain now that X-Force is coming soon, and the addition of Carnahan is a major step forward in the right direction. This film is a far ways from hitting the big screen, especially with other X-Men projects like New Mutants, the next X-Men film (rumored to be Supernova), and of course Deadpool 2 expected to begin production prior to this one. Once a script is completed, the search for a director will begin, assuming Carnahan hasn’t secretly signed up already.

Sources: Collider.

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