‘Daredevil’ Showrunner Drew Goddard Has Joined ‘Deadpool 2’

When you spend ten years developing a film, and it finally releases, and gets universally praised, you’ve set a bar for yourself that needs to be raised, if not met. Deadpool writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and star/producer Ryan Reynolds have all been extremely busy perfecting the script for the sequel. Unlike last time, they don’t have ten years to get this one right, and a studio that’s unwilling to give them the budget they need. Fully aware of the expectations, they’ve reportedly brought in a big name to help out.

Oscar nominated screenwriter, Drew Goddard has been brought in as a consultant on the development of the script. According to the reports, Goddard will overlook and give input on the writing process while Reese, Wernick, and Reynolds complete the current draft.

Understand me when I say, this is a very big deal and a great move. Goddard has writing credits on films like Cloverfield, Cabin in the Woods, and The Martian. He also brought Daredevil to life on Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in DEADPOOLNetflix, as an executive producer and writer on the first two episodes. Before Sony cancelled its previous Spider-Man universe and collaborated with Marvel, Goddard was hired to write and direct the villain focused spinoff Sinister Six, which would’ve been a major hit. This man is one helluva writer, and knows Marvel comics as well as anyone. His addition is great news for Deadpool 2.

My anticipation for this sequel has grown substantially over the past year. I wasn’t too high on Deadpool upon first viewing, but as it aired on HBO, I watched it multiple times and grew to love it more and more. The hiring of David Leich to direct the sequel is a great choice, considering his exceptional work on John Wick. This entire creative team, and their willingness to not go too big on the sequel by keeping a modest budget and focused script makes me very confident in this project.

Sources: Collider.

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