Could Writer Simon Kinberg Direct the Next ‘X-Men’ Movie?

Simon Kinberg is the latest example that if you work hard and building a trusting relationship with a studio, you’ll eventually get your chance to make your own film. According to a report from Collider’s Steve Weintraub, who has spoken to several of his sources, Kinberg is in-talks to direct the next X-Men film. There’s currently a finished script, which he wrote himself, and Fox is considering to use it as their next X-Men film. Nothing else regarding story details, production start date, or an official cast is known, however there have recently been rumors and hints regarding each of those (see below).

Kinberg has served as writer/producer for many of the X-Men films under 20th Century Fox, with producing credits on First Class, Days of Future Past, Deadpool, Apocalypse, and Logan. He’s created such a strong rapport with the studio over the past 10 years that he was even brought in to save what he could on that disastrous Fantastic Four. He’s earned the studio’s trust with their comic book property, enough to potentially take on a big-budget production.

As I mentioned above, no details regarding the story for the film has been confirmed. Recent rumors suggest it will heavily involve the Dark Phoenix storyline, which was teased throughout last year’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Actress Sophie Turner confirmed at this year’s BAFTA awards that she’ll soon begin Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypseshooting a new X-Men film, suggesting a potential start date sometime later this year. Her comments at the very least confirm that she’ll be reprising her role as Jean Grey, which is great news for those who liked her portrayal of the character.

I expect Fox to announce this new film once they have everything in order. If Kinberg is their choice to direct, it’ll be because he’s earned their trust. His work as a writer/producer speaks for himself. The man is an incredibly talented writer, and has an understanding of these characters. He’s demonstrated an ability to adapt a complex storyline from the comics to suit a live-action film (Days of Future Past). Should he seal the deal as director for the next X-Men, he’ll have the most creative control on a production than he’s ever had. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sources: Collider.

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