‘The Predator’ Cast Revealed in First Look as Filming Begins

The Predator franchise is one of the most coveted action franchises of all-time. Aside from a better-than-expected movie called Predators in 2010, the series of alien movies has definitely seen better days. But that’s presumably all about to change, as production on the highly anticipated sequel/reboot started this The Predatorweek. To celebrate, a first look image revealing the main cast has been released.

Shane Black, who was featured in the original Predator in 1987, will be bringing the franchise full circle as he wrote and will be directing the film to satisfy multiple generations. Black only has three films under his belt so far, but all three – Kiss Kiss Bang BangIron Man 3, and the insanely underrated The Nice Guys – have all been box-office successes in one way or another. Being a part of the universe as Black is, there’s no doubt he’ll churn out a Predator that fans of the franchise will love, just with that signature spin Black has when he directs, which includes a glorious (thank you Fox, thank you so much!) R-rating.

This first look image doesn’t reveal anything other than the pretty amazing cast, which is all that we need at this point. While no A-list names are included, each are highly talented and bring something totally different to the table. Diversity!

Leading the cast is Boyd Holbrook who – although making the rounds the last few years – will no doubt be making his mark on film when he plays opposite Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in just a few weeks. He’s joined by Olivia Munn, Keegan Michael-Key, Sterling K. Brown of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story fame, Moonlight breakout Trevante Rhodes, and the adorable yet talented Jacob Tremblay who melted our heart in the Oscar-nominated Room alongside Brie Larson. Black shared the image via Twitter and as his caption says, this is only a look at part of the cast, which hopefully means we’ll be seeing even more diverse names added. Also worth noting is that Black promised fans that if they do need follow him on the Tweeter, they’d be given exclusive updates, which is something that just can’t be passed up.

Check out the new cast photo below and after doing so, head down to the comments and let us know your thoughts on The Predator. Are you looking forward to it? How do you like the cast? Does have Black direct excite you? Black’s The Predator hits theaters on February 9th, 2018.

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