It’s Official, Matt Reeves Will Direct ‘The Batman’

Two weeks after Ben Affleck announced that he won’t be directing The Batman and some troubling rumors, it appears he and the studio have found their guy. According to Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, director Matt Reeves has agreed to direct the next Batman film.

I believe Warner Bros. and Affleck made a great choice in Reeves, who’s a director that balances action and story so well, and to the highest levels achievable for a blockbuster. He previously stepped into the Apes franchise, taking what the first film did so well and elevating it to a whole new level with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He’s the kind of blockbuster director with a creative vision that Affleck, who is also producing The Batman, is looking for. Assuming all goes well between now and production, this now means that Reeves will be working off a script co-written by Affleck, Geoff Johns (DC Rebirth), and Chris Terrio (Argo). I mean what more could a comic book fan ask for?

Before you answer that, I’ll say that it’s a well-known fact now that Warner Bros. has a tendency to interfere with the creative process during production and post-production. I have confidence The Batman won’t go through that, seeing that Affleck is such an integral figure to the entire DCEU, both in front of and behind the camera. On paper, this is Warner Bros.’ best shot at producing a film that’s universally loved by critics and fans. They wouldn’t dare tell Reeves or Affleck how to make their film, would they?

Now that The Batman has taken a significant step in the right direction, it’ll be interesting to see how soon they can begin production. Warner Bros. and Affleck are reportedly “very happy” with the current script. Although no release date for The Batman has been confirmed, several sites speculate a 2019 release date.

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Batman-News.com.

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