The Latest Draft of ‘The Batman’ Was Done by Affleck’s Writing Partner Chris Terrio

You ever hear the saying that goes something like “for every step forward is two steps back?” The upcoming Batman film took two major steps backwards this past week when Ben Affleck announced that he’s no longer directing. Instead he will serve as executive producer, co-writer, while also reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. The reasons for his decision to step down as director are unknown, but it’s likely Ben Affleck & Chris Terrio for Argobecause of his dissatisfaction with the current script. Now we’ve learned that the project has taken a step forward,  and hopefully it’s in the right direction. A report from Deadline claims that Chris Terrio, Affleck’s writing partner, is responsible for the movie’s most recent script.

Now before you say “Eww, the guy responsible for Batman v Superman?”, I must remind you of two things. First, Terrio is an Oscar winning writer (Argo) who’s been collaborating with Affleck over the past few years. Second, he came into the game late on Zack Snyder’s movie to do a massive rewrite on David S. Goyer’s poor script, so we’ve yet to see what he can really bring to a DC film (fingers crossed for Justice League). Terrio isn’t just some writer that Warner Bros. and Affleck pulled off the street. The guy is legit, and is quickly becoming the Simon Kinberg of the DCEU.

As for what exactly this means for the Batman standalone film? It means that two Oscar winning writers and a DC comic book writer/genius in Geoff Johns have by now hopefully put together a strong enough script to attract an A-list, big named director. That’s the billion dollar question behind this whole circus, right? If not Affleck, who will direct The Batman? I’m just as curious as the rest of you.

As comic book movie fans, there’s so many questions we have that only raise our fear and concerns for this (very) important film in the DCEU. For the time being, Terrio’s involvement can be seen as a good thing, but will it be enough to help right this ship from sinking? You’ve heard what I think, now let us know what you think of bringing on Terrio and who you think should direct!

Sources: Deadline, Batman-News.

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