New ‘Justice League’ Image Teams Up Aquaman, Wonder Woman & Cyborg

In celebration of the big Super Bowl today, a brand new, unrevealing image of Justice League has been released. Not to say it doesn’t show anything, but it just doesn’t show much. But one thing has come from this image, is Warner Bros. (surprisingly) dropping a new trailer for Justice League during the big game? Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot & Ray Fisher in Justice LeagueMany fans, not including myself, seem to think that’s the case.

As the header indicates, the new image does not feature a Ben Affleck Batman appearance, which hasn’t been the case in a long time. Rather, it focuses on Wonder Woman and her team-up with two of the new DC characters we’ll see take the screen later this year: Aquaman and Cyborg. As I said earlier, the image doesn’t reveal close to anything fans can start freaking out about. It does give us another look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and his new suit, but the biggest element of this image, for me, is Cyborg.

I’ve been pretty iffy on the look of Ray Fisher’s character to this point, worried that the full CGI costume would take away from what Victor Stone really is as a member of the Justice League. Well, after this image, I can finally say that I’m completely off the look of Cyborg. Flat-out, he looks like the alien love-child of a Transformer and human, and in no way is that good. Hopefully the action he’s involved in is outstanding, because I just don’t care about this character and his contributions anymore, which is saying something. Through comics and animated movies, Cyborg has been a badass character, one who is majority computer, but still has a ton of emotion, heart, and human side to him. Just from this image, he looks totally alien, and it’s very unfortunate and sad that they veer so far away from the true character that is Cyborg.

Anyway, stay close here at Apocaflix! as we’ll be posting a new Justice League trailer if/as soon as it becomes available! Not just that, but every bit of new footage that is released during this years big game, we’ll have here as soon as possible. Zack Snyder’s Justice League hits theaters on November 17th, 2017.

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