New Crime Drama ‘Dragged Across Concrete’ to Star Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn

It’s great to see Mel Gibson back in Hollywood’s good graces, especially after serving a ten year sentence in what’s known around the critics circle as “director’s jail.” The Oscar winning director has once again been nominated for Best Director, this time for the World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge. As someone Sam Worthington, Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn for Hacksaw Ridgewho absolutely loved that film, I’ve been anxiously waiting to see what Gibson does next.

I’ll admit, reports of him signing on to star in the comedy sequel Daddy’s Home 2 (as Mark Wahlberg’s Dad) kind of threw me off a bit, especially coming off hard R films like Get the Gringo and Bloodfather. But now comes a new report that Gibson has signed on to star in a more intense role, a crime drama called Dragged Across Concrete. The film is a story about two corrupt police officers (played by Gibson and Vince Vaughn), who get into trouble after a video of them violently strong-arming a suspect goes viral. The two officers are then thrusted into the criminal underworld, and soon find themselves as a couple renegade cops crossing paths with a ruthless crime boss. Variety describes this movie as “one that highlights police brutality,” which is a very sensitive and controversial topic in today’s world.

This film and these roles actually sound perfect for both Gibson and Vaughn. We’ve seen time and time again just how (crazy) good Gibson can get in these roles. I’m equally as excited about Vaughn’s involvement. Yes, True Detective Season 2 was a disappointment, but his performance as a mob boss was part of what kept me watching that increasingly dragging season. It also appears these two have developed a great relationship on the set of Hacksaw Ridge, which again I thought was such a great film.

Directing this film is S. Craig Zahler, who gained major critical-acclaim last year for his indie film Bone Tomahawk (starting Kurt Russell). Keep a look out for more developments in the coming months.

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter

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