Here’s Our 2017 Oscar Nominations Reaction & Predictions

With 2016 officially in the books and plenty of discussing, speculating, and guessing taking place between both professionals and fans of film, those part of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences have finally released what all us fans have been anticipating for months, the 2017 Oscar nominations.

As the Oscar season came to a close this past year, films like La La LandHacksaw RidgeArrivalHell or High WaterMoonlight, and Manchester by the Sea carried very heavy buzz into the new year. Unsurprisingly, each of those films received what they deserved (more or less) in terms of nominations, but that didn’t come without plenty of surprises and unfortunate snubs.

Now that the entire nomination list has been released, entertainment sites across the country are not just dissecting the list, but breaking it down and giving predictions, including us. Earlier this week, Gio and Jacob talked about all the films, actors, actresses, and other nominated by the Academy, as well as what they think has the best shot at winning the coveted golden statue. Check that out below in the following video! After doing so, don’t forget to head down to the comments and let us know your thoughts. Any surprises? Any you wish were nominated? Who has the best shot at winning? Sound off!

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