See New ‘Logan’ Images of Professor X & X-32; Read the Official Synopsis

The approach to Hugh Jackman (supposedly) and Patrick Stewart’s final time under the X-Men umbrella has been quite unique to this point. Up to its first trailer release a few months back, it was never fully confirmed what kind of Wolverine film the now titled Logan would be. Would it take after the “Old Man Logan” storyline? Or completely different altogether? The trailer did a great job of clearing such questions up, but there are still some that remain. The official synopsis for the film has now been released, and while it doesn’t (thankfully) go into full detail, it continues to connect more pieces to the puzzle.

As I said, although it’s the official synopsis, is still leaves plenty of mystery revolving around the film. Actually, other than the bits and pieces from the trailer, we still pretty much have no clue as to what kind of story will take place. It, obviously, looks to be loosely based on the famous comic book arc, but how much? How much is Mister Sinister involved? How much does it play with the R-rating? And while we are asking all these questions, there’s still a bunch of satisfaction knowing that we’ll be going into Logan in just under two months knowing so little.

First up, the official synopsis. Since revealing the first official look at the film last year, Jackman has been pretty active on his social media with everything Logan, posting images and updates on a weekly basis. His latest post reveals the synopsis for the film, via Twitter. After reading it and thinking back on the trailer, the footage we’ve seen does a great job of capturing exactly what the synopsis says, but hopefully the film expands on it and answers all of those questions we’re begging to be answered.

On top of reading the synopsis below, make sure you check out the trio of new images that were posted by director James Mangold himself, featuring fantastic new looks at Wolverine, Professor X, and the mysterious X-23. What do you think about the synopsis? What kind of anticipation do you have for this film? Mangold’s Logan slices its way into theaters on March 3rd, 2017 and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez.


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