‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Spoilers Review

Below you can listen to our new, spoiler-filled review of the Mel Gibson directed war story Hacksaw Ridge. The film stars Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Vince Vaughn, Teresa Palmer, and Huge Weaving in the incredible true story based film about war hero Desmond Doss. Again, this is a spoilers review as Gio and Jacob give their thoughts, both positive and negative, on the film, as well as talk about our overall experience while watching the film. Did they enjoy it? Is it as good as advertised? What makes it so special? Find out below…

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Here’s the official synopsis before checking out our review below:

The extraordinary true story of conscientious objector Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, saved 75 men without firing a gun. Believing that the War was just but killing was nevertheless wrong, he was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon. As an army medic Doss single-handedly evacuated the wounded near enemy lines, braved fire while tending to soldiers and was wounded by a grenade and hit by snipers. He was the first conscientious objector to ever win the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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